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Our mission at Lokah is to provide a container for beings to create regenerative wellness by aligning with the rhythms of nature, harmonizing with their soul's purpose, and cultivating right relationships with all.


I first heard the Sanskrit mantra “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” in a song while sitting on the beach. The words instantly filled me with joy, as I listened to the song over and over this beautiful mantra became my daily affirmation.


May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.


So perfect. So beautiful.

As I journeyed through a dark night of the soul, it became clear that I was called to offer more.


Since the pandemic swept the world, a newfound fiery passion for freedom and sovereignty ignited in me ❤️‍🔥


I decided it was time to expand, guided by joy, purpose, and an embodied self.


And so, Lokah was born.


 “free woman” (from Middle Low German “kerle”) and “warrior”, “army” (from Old High German “heri”).


Who I be.

My Core Values

ADVENTURE I thrive on welcoming the unknown and seeking excitement in my life.


AUTHENTICITY Staying true to who I am is essential, and I deeply value being genuine.


COMMUNITY Building connections and thriving together brings me a sense of purpose.


CURIOSITY I have a constant desire for learning and exploration, which fuels my curiosity.


DIVERSITY I acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate unique perspectives and experiences in others.


HARMONY Seeking balance and unity is a core value I apply to all aspects of my life and nature.


HEALTH Nurturing my well-being and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance.


INTEGRITY Upholding honesty, ethics, and strong principles while being in right relationship is integral to how I live.


LOVE I am committed to spreading compassion, empathy, and positive energy in everything I do.


SERVICE Contributing to others and making a positive impact is a fulfilling way for me to live.


SOVEREIGNTY Embracing my inner authority and living rooted in freedom is my chosen path.


My Human Design


Splenic Authority

5/1 Profile

My Big Three

Sun: Aries

Moon: Aquarius 

Rising: Libra

What I do.

My Soul's Purpose

I support beings on their journey towards a regenerative and embodied life by cultivating cyclical consciousness, demonstrating the power of embodied movement, and advocating the practice of self-healing, reconciliation and right relationship, all while fostering true connected community where individuals thrive in harmony and mutual support.

What I've Done.



  • Currently completing 200hrYTT

    • Trauma Informed Yoga

    • Yoga Nidra

    • Ayurvedic Nutrition


  • Advertising and Digital Media Management

  • Content Management

  • Copywriting for Digital Media

  • Digital Analytics Management

  • Digital Strategy

  • Graphic Design for Digital Media

  • Search Marketing & Search Engine Optimization


  • Canada and the World - History

  • Examination of contract and tort law

  • Framework for ethical decision making

  • Fundamentals of legal entities and relationship

  • Indigenous Histories and Reconciliation

  • Introduction to structure of the Canadian government

  • Landlord and Tenant Board regulations and procedures

  • Legal research and writing process

  • Political and legal system

  • Principles of administrative law

  • Small Claims regulations and procedures

  • Statutory rules of evidence


  • Fitness, wellness, and training principles

  • Nutrition and bioenergetics

  • Cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular system anatomy and function

  • Flexibility, mobility, and fascia

  • Passive and dynamic assessments


Since 2023  Co-Founder @ Ecstatic Dance Durham
Since 2022  Creatrix @ Lokah
Since 2021  Legal Assistant @ Elders Without Borders
Since 2013  Owner + Photographer @ life. as. Art.
Since 2010  Mother @ Benjamin Family 

2012 - canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS)


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