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R E M E M B E R . . .

... your true essence


What is embodiment?

“Embodiment explores the relationship between our physical being and our energy.”

~ Melissa Madeson, Ph.D.

I will guide you through creating your own personal framework, aligned with your body’s biological rhythms by;

💫  Teaching you the basics of cycle-syncing (aligning your life with the phases of your menstrual cycle)

💫  Supporting you, as you develop your own personalized embodied lifestyle (through various embodiment practices, such as; yoga, tantra, nature sports etc.)


  • One Month $200 USD

  • Three Month Series $500 USD


Each month includes:

- 4 x 1 hour meetings (local to me; can be in person, otherwise over zoom)

Every woman's needs are different, and every meeting will be catered specifically to your unique needs. 

An example of what one series may look like (three month series is recommended):


Month One:

✨ Introduction

Meeting 1: Cycle Syncing 101

Meeting 2: Embodied Life 101

Meeting 3: Tantra, Movement, Nature

Meeting 4: Community


Month Two:

✨Focus: Tantra + Movement + Nature

Month Three:

✨Focus: Dharma + Community



members of our community have the following service offerings available:


💫 Tantric coaching (sacred sexuality, yoni egg practice...)

💫 Yoga (nude and clothed)

💫 Embodied Movement

💫 Nature Sports 

💫 Breathwork

💫 Women’s circles and ceremony

💫 Chinese medicine

💫 Plant medicine

connect with us to learn more about all the services Lokah and the community have to offer.

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