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C R E A T E . . .

... your joy-led business


💫 guided by : your passion, pleasure and joy.

💫  using : a framework in alignment with your body’s biological rhythms.

💫  in harmony with : your soul’s purpose and feminine nature.

💫  within : an aligned supportive community of women.

✨  V I B R A T I N G   I N   O U R   OWN  WA Y   ✨


My passion for sovereignty, freedom and joyful living has led me to my purpose of helping others fulfill their purpose through joy-led entrepreneurship.


💫 Embodied business consulting : I will guide you in turning your embodied lifestyle practice into a business strategy, using frameworks that are in alignment with your body’s biological rhythms and in harmony with your soul’s purpose and feminine nature.


  • One Month $200 USD

  • Three-Month Series $500 USD


Prerequisites: at least one month of both  *REMEMBER* & *DISCOVER*

Each month includes:

- 4 x 1 hour meetings (local to me; can be in person, otherwise over zoom)

Every woman’s needs will be different and every meeting will be catered specifically to your unique needs. 

An example of what one series may look like (three-month series is recommended):


Month One:

✨ Integrating your embodied lifestyle practice into your business

Meeting 1: Intro to Joy-led rhythmic business

Meeting 2: Cycle syncing and business

Meeting 3: Embody your dharma (soul’s purpose)

Meeting 4: Get REAL and get TRUE, a whole new way of branding and marketing


Month Two:

✨ Branding and Marketing = Being YOU

Month Three:

✨ Business strategy = Being YOU, while serving others



members of our community have the following service offerings available:


💫 Branding: Photography, Web Design, Logo Design, Email Marketing

💫 Digital: SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Content

💫 Business Operations: Accounting, Legal Services

connect with us to learn more about all the services Lokah and the community have to offer.

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